Hot water extraction clean - our service in detail

  • Wherever possible we will come to your home or business to undertake an appraisal of the carpet(s) in advance. We will check the carpet's construction and condition, identify any pre-existing damage or fitting defects, advise you of any risks, determine the most appropriate cleaning method, advise on the likely results and discuss which of our packages are suitable. No hard sell - just honest advice depending on your needs and lifestyle. We will then quote a firm price for the job, run through the process with you, arrange a suitable time to do the work and ask you to sign our job sheet which confirms the details we have discussed and includes our standard terms and conditions. If it's not practical to undertake a survey beforehand, we will get as much information as posible from you over the phone, give you an approximate estimate of the cost and we will complete the appraisal on the day of the clean.Airflex Extraction Machine

  • When we come to do the clean, the room(s) should be as clear of furniture and other items as possible beforehand. We can move most chairs and sofas etc using special sliders but any other furniture required to be moved, such as cupboards, wardrobes etc. must be structurally sound and any contents removed beforehand, otherwise we will leave them in situ and work around them. We will not be able to move very heavy items due to Health & Safety issues and we will not move any home entertainment systems.
  • We will thoroughly vacuum the carpet using a high powered professional machine. This is a very important part of the process but is one of the corners often cut by some of the budget end companies. Without this step any loose dirt trapped in the carpet fibres will simply turn to mud when the carpet is moistened later on in the process.

  • We will then lightly spray the carpet with an environmentally friendly pre-spray treatment. Our treatments are based on food grade products - non hazardous but highly effective in breaking the bond between the dirt and your carpet's fibres.

  • The pre-spray treatment is then agitated to work it in to the carpet fibres. We use an electric machine to do this very effectively - it looks a bit like an upright vacuum cleaner but without the suction. (Budget man?)

  • The pre-spray and loosened dirt now need to be extracted from your carpet via a rinsing process. We use a powerful state of the art machine to do this. It works by injecting hot water at high pressure deep into the carpet pile and immediately extracting it with a powerful vacuum just a fraction of a second later, leaving your carpet just slightly damp.

  • If you have selected a package that requires additives such as conditioner, deodoriser, or stain protector they are usually applied either as part of the rinsing process or just afterwards.

  • When replacing chairs, sofas etc we use temporary protective foil strips or polystyrene blocks to prevent any staining from wooden feet (which may have a water based stain or lacquer on them), or rust marks developing from metal feet while the carpet is damp. These protective strips or blocks should be left in place until the carpet is completely dry. (Does budget man do this?)

  • To help dry the carpet quickly we use a turbo dryer fan. We run this while we are working to circulate the air and reduce humidity and we leave it running while packing our equipment away to give the carpet a head start in drying. (Budget man?)

  • We will wipe down any overspray from the cleaning process and groom longer pile carpets with a special carpet rake, lifting the pile to help the drying process.

  • We'll check that you're happy with the work and give you your invoice for the amount we quoted. Unless we've agreed otherwise in advance, payment is due on completion.

When we leave, the carpet will still be slightly damp and you should try to keep some windows and doors open if you can or have the heating on to encourage it to dry as quickly as possible. You should try to keep off the carpet as much as possible until it's completely dry. Normally this will take around 2-4 hours, but will vary depending on the carpet type and construction, the temperature and ventilation. If you have opted for a package that includes stain protection treatment, the drying time will be longer as this is applied separately as a liquid spray solution immediately after cleaning.

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