Cleaned carpets should stay clean

There's an urban myth that once you've had your carpets cleaned they will get dirty again very quickly afterwards.

Well not if they are cleaned properly and professionally!

The rapid re-soiling issue is because poor technique and inferior equipment leaves a sticky detergent residue behind in your carpet. It's this residue that attracts dirt like a magnet and in well used areas the carpet can end up looking and feeling worse than it was before cleaning within just a few weeks. A thorough professional job will last much, much longer on average - probably a year to 18 months depending on conditions.

Most carpet cleaning extraction machines work in a similar way. They inject a solution into the carpet under pressure and extract it straight away by vacuum together with the soiling. Lets face it, the DIYer or budget tradesman is likely to use a basic machine, fill it up with detergent and whizz round the room as fast they can and move on to the next room or job. The machine is going to be under-powered and a significant amount of detergent and loosened dirt gets left behind in the carpet which is probably going to be pretty wet because the vacuum isn't powerful enough. Less power means more solution left behind and even faster re-soiling.

And that's without worrying about whether the pressure spray is going to be powerful enough to loosen the dirt in the first place. The pressure pumps on typical rental machines operate at between 15 - 30 psi depending on quality. The entry point for professional machines is around the 130 psi mark and can be anything up to 1000 psi where very long hose runs are required. We use a 400 psi variable pressure machine.

How the professionals do it...

First we check what type of carpet you have and see whether there are any defects that require special care or attention. We then identify which cleaning products are appropriate for the carpet type. Next we give the room a thorough vacuuming with a high powered professional machine. Without this, any loose dirt will simply turn to mud when the cleaning solution is applied, making the whole task much more difficult and riskier to your carpet.

The next step is to spray a cleaning solution on to the carpet. At Powerclean Carpets we use the latest generation of environmentally friendly professional products. These are detergent free solutions that work by breaking the bond between the dirt particles and the carpet fibres upon contact. They are not available to the general public and provide a superior result compared to detergents. The solution is worked in to the carpet using a mechanical brush to ensure it gets right into the fibres to do it's job and its this agitation process that does the hard work on the dirt. If there are any spots and stains that need special attention we'll work on those with specialist products depending on the nature of the problem.

Next, we use our powerful extraction machine to rinse out the chemicals and loosened dirt with plain hot water containing a very mild rinse agent. This neutralises the pre-spray and leaves the carpet feeling nice and soft. It has a pleasant fresh smell and it's a bit like using a fabric conditioner in your washing machine. Remember also that the powerful vacuum on our machine will leave your carpet only slightly damp rather than soaking wet. That's important because too much moisture can lead to all sorts of problems such as shrinkage, residual damp smells or even mould in extreme cases.

If its a long pile carpet we'll lift the pile with a special carpet rake to aid drying and we'll use a turbo fan to speed the drying process along.

So we don't use any detergents and the whole process is designed to keep the amount of moisture to a minimum. The cleaning products used are rinsed out so no sticky residues are left behind. And no residues means your carpet will stay clean for longer.

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