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We've all seen them in the supermarkets, DIY stores and hire shops. Compact carpet cleaning machines that you can hire for the day, buy the detergent and a range of stain removal products, pop them in the boot of your car and away you go to clean your expensive carpets cheaply. 

The adverts and videos make it all look so easy to get professional results with very little effort, but just how good are they?

Carpet being cleaned one month after owner cleaned with a rental machineThe first photo is part way through a job we did recently. You can clearly see the difference between the complete and incomplete sections and how much brighter the cleaned section is. 

You will probably be thinking that's only to be expected when you clean a carpet and that's true in many cases, except that this carpet had only been cleaned a month earlier by the clients, using one of the best known brands of rental machine.

The clients were not impressed by the rental machine results so they called us in to to the job properly. 

As they say, "buy cheap = buy twice"  

Now look at the next picture. See the colour of the water in the red buckets? Apart from a month's worth of soiling between the two cleans, that's how much dirt we extracted from that same carpet that the rental machine left behind. 

Dirt extracted from carpet one month after owner cleaned with a rental machine

The rental machine adverts and videos make it look so easy, but the truth is that carpet cleaning is hard, physical work, even with the top end equipment that we use. Rental machines try to do the whole job in a single pass with one piece of equipment, which is simply unrealistic if you are to achieve good results.

Doing the job properly requires high quality equipment, a great deal of patience and knowledge plus a wide range of specialist products to treat all kinds of spots and stains.

OK - so the rental firms offer a selection of stain treatment products. That gives you a decision to make. The quantity you have to buy means you'll probably end up wasting a lot and if you need a variety of treatments for different problems the cost could add up to more than having them cleaned professionally in the first place and you know that the result won't be anywhere near as good. If you don't buy them you wonder whether the stains will come out. And lets face it - if you're trying to clean the carpets on the cheap, chances are you'll ignore all the add-on products and end up with an even more disappointing result.

A professional carpet cleaner carries a wide range of products for a wide range of spots and stains. Because we do it all the time we don't get the wastage that the DIYer gets so were happy to stock whatever is needed for every conceivable situation.


Are rental and DIY carpet cleaners effective?

The real big issue with rental and DIY machines is their lack of power. Because they are designed to be light and fit easily in the boot of your car they use small, lightweight pumps and vacuum motors. This means that they squirt detergent into your carpet and because the vacuum motor is under-powered they leave your carpets very wet. It's not just the inconvenience of taking a couple of days to dry that you need to worry about. Depending on conditions over-wet carpets can lead to some pretty serious problems such as shrinkage, mould, mildew, water staining, delamination (where the carpet and its backing part company) and the most common one, wicking or wickback.

When the carpet does eventually dry there's a significant amount of detergent residue left behind which then attracts dirt faster than ever. Of course you could go round again with plain water in the machine to rinse the detergent out, but that's just going to leave the carpets even wetter...

At Powerclean Carpets we use the latest generation of detergent free products, which are then rinsed and extracted with powerful equipment to safely clean your carpets and furnishings and get them dry quickly with no sticky residues left behind.

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