How to ruin a carpet

Are you unintentionally ruining your carpet?

Unfortunately for the majority of people the answer is yes! - with little habits that promote the spread of dirt and shorten the life of your carpets. Here are five simple tips that will help you keep your carpets looking, feeling and smelling good.

1. No mats at the doors

It may be stating the obvious but the majority of the dirt that gets into your carpet comes from outside. If you don't have mats at the door to wipe your feet on, you and your visitors simply distribute it around your home. As the dirt and grit settle in to the carpet it grinds againet the fibres, slowly tearing them and pulling them apart.

Fix it: Place mats at every entrance to your home to wipe your feet on and trap the dirt before it spreads to the carpets. They needn't be expensive - you can buy discontinued carpet samples from carpet showrooms for around 50p each which will be perfectly adequate for an entrance mat. You can then clean or replace the mats as needed to continue keeping the dirt out.

2. You wear shoes inside the house

Dirt comes inside from the bottoms of your feet. Your shoes travel everywhere you travel, to public places then back to your home. Public germs, dirt and oils become attached to the bottoms of your shoes and then embed themselves into the carpet when you walk on it, inceasing the likelihood of staining and overall dirtiness.

Fix it: Enforce a no shoes rule in your home. Simply taking off your shoes will substantially reduce the amount of dirt tracked in. This can also keep your home healthier as less dirt oils and germs become embedded in the carpet around your home. Why not keep a shoe rack in the vicinity of the main entrances to your home?

3. Rarely vacuuming

You should vacuum your carpets at least once a week. More frequently if you have a busy household. We've already reduced the amount of dirt coming in with the first two tips but there is still airborne dirt and pollutants to consider. As dirt comes in, it settles into the carpet and regular vacuuming will remove most of it. Without regular vacuuming, there will be a build up of dirt and grit which gets pushed deeper into the carpet as you walk on it. Once its worked deep down its hard for vacuums to remove, making your carpet appear dirtier and more susceptible to stains

Fix it: Have a regular vacuuming schedule for 1-3 times a week. If you have a lot of people in the house, consider a rota so that it's not the same person doing it all the time. This will also help encourage the whole household to adopt the best practices we've already mentioned.

4. You don't use trays

If you're carrying drinks around the home its easy to accidentally spill a few drops as you walk (or the whole cup if you're really unlucky). Drink stains can be difficult to remove, expecially if the drink is really hot. Drip marks are unsightly in their own right but if you don't realise what you've done, the stain can dry with just enough stickiness to become a dirt magnet - especially if you have sugar in your tea or coffee!

Fix it: Don't overfill your cup or glass and use a tray when carrying drinks around the home. That way the tray will catch all but the most severe spillages. And if you're having a biscuit with your drink, be sure to use a plate to catch any crumbs.

5. Never having the carpets professionally cleaned

Regular vacuuming is essential as we've already covered but vacuuming alone cannot get rid of all the dirt (just imagine a hard floor if you only ever vacuumed and never mopped it). To prolong their life and keep them looking good, as a general rule of thumb you should have your carpets professionally cleaned once a year - more frequently for higher traffic areas and maybe a bit less often for low traffic areas.

Fix it: Call Powerclean Carpets. Quotes are free and we will give you a realistic opinion of the likely outcome. You can look at some of our previous work on our gallery page and read verified reviews from our customers on FreeIndex

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